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Rising Sign Calculator Web App


Rising Sign Calculator is a web application that lets visitors calculate their Ascendant by entering their birth date, birth time, and birth city.

The calculator gives the Ascendant degree, minute, and second, as well as the symbol of the rising sign. You have the option of adding custom interpretations for the twelve rising signs by easily editing one of the PHP files. If you do not enter a custom interpretation, the calculator will simply show the rising sign, rising symbol, and the ascendant degree below.

Rising Sign Calculator uses the Swiss Ephemeris to get the longitude of the Ascendant.

Requirements and Specs

Your server must have at least PHP 5.x installed. Your web host must allow file permissions be set (chmod 755). The app does this automatically, and works fine with most web hosts, but I have been alerted to at least 1 web host that blocks this. Also, your web host must allow the PHP exec() function.


Rising Sign Calculator Web App- Custom interpretations


How To Install The Web App

  1. Unzip (extract) the .zip package file.
  2. Upload the rising-sign-calculator folder to your website server.
  3. View the Rising Sign Calculator by navigating on your web browser to:

How To Add Your Custom Interpretations

To add custom interpretations to the Rising Sign Calculator web app:

  1. Open the file rising-sign-calculator/includes/ajax-submit.php.
  2. Edit around lines 14 through 25 by replacing the text:
    Your custom interpretaion for [SIGN] Rising goes here.

    with your own text for each rising sign.


These languages are included in Rising Sign Calculator web app:

English (default)


How To Change The Language

Rising Sign Calculator web app is translation-ready, and includes a .pot file to make it easy for you to translate it into other languages. The numbers are also localized, and this supports right-to-left languages, as well.

How To Set The Language To Arabic

  1. Open the file: includes/locale.php.
  2. Line 16 should look like this:
    // $language = "ar_SA";
  3. Uncomment that line by deleting the two slashes at the beginning of the line.
  4. Save the file.

How To Set a Different Language

  1. Use the included .pot file to make your translation. You’ll find the file, risingsigncalc.pot, in the root directory of the app.
  2. Your .mo and .po translation files must be named exactly like this:
  3. In the /locale/ directory, create a new directory named after your locale code. The locale is the two-letter language code, underscore, and two-letter country code. For example, for Spanish, you would name the directory “es_ES“. As another example, Moroccan Arabic would be “ar_MA“, while Libyan Arabic would be “ar_LY“. For the following steps, I will use Spanish as an example (“es_ES”).
  4. Inside the directory which you created in the previous step, create another directory named, “LC_MESSAGES” (all uppercase).
  5. Place your .mo and .po files inside your new “LC_MESSAGES” directory. Using Spanish as an example, the path to your files should look like this:
  6. Now set your locale to Spanish. Open the file: includes/locale.php.
  7. Line 16 should look like this:
    // $language = "ar_SA";
  8. Uncomment that line by deleting the two slashes at the beginning of the line.
  9. On that same line, replace "ar_SA" with "es_ES".
  10. Save the file.

WordPress Alternative

The WordPress plugin version of this is available here.


The Calculator Always Says Aries

The app includes a file that must have permission to execute (CHMOD 755) in order to get the ascendant’s degree from the Swiss Ephemeris. The file is:


The app sets this permission automatically. If the calculator always returns Aries as the rising sign, it means that your server did not allow the script to set file permissions to 755. If you feel comfortable with this, you can check this file’s permission on your server to be sure. You may manually have to set the permission to 755.

If you confirm that the file (rising-sign-calculator/includes/sweph/isabelse) has the proper permissions set to 755, and yet the calculator is still stuck on Aries, then it may be that your server does not allow scripts to execute using the PHP exec() function. If your web host blocks the PHP exec() function, then this app will not work on that server.


License: GNU General Public License, version 2

Updated on February 17, 2017