Change or Remove The Birth Report Form Title

This page is no longer relevant since ZodiacPress version 2.0. It remains here for anyone that is using an older version of ZodiacPress. ☠

The default form title which appears above the Birth Report form is, “Get An Astrology Birth Report.”

You can change or customize the form title by adding a “form_title” parameter to the shortcode.

In the following example, replace ‘Custom Title’ with your own desired text.

[birthreport form_title="Custom Title"]

Instead of customizing the text, you can remove the form title completely by passing a blank title in the shortcode, like this:

[birthreport form_title=""]

Making Multiple Changes

You can also change the title while making other changes. For example, if you are setting a custom House System, your shortcode looks like this:

[birthreport house_system="W"]

You can change the title, while also setting a house system, like this:

[birthreport form_title="Custom Title" house_system="W"]

As another example, you can change the title while also setting a Sidereal Zodiac method, like this:

[birthreport form_title="Custom Title" sidereal="lahiri"]

Updated on April 22, 2021