Current Planetary Positions is updated to 2.0

Current Planetary Positions, a WordPress plugin for displaying current planetary positions in the zodiac signs, has just been updated to version 2.0. This update adds an important fix for all sites, but especially for websites that use Windows hosting.

This update also adds a new feature: the North Node (true Node) has been added to the list of planets/points displayed on the widget.

The important fixes are:

  1. File permissions were not being checked properly which was causing the Swiss Ephemeris not to work on some sites. This would result in all positions to be displayed as 0 degrees of Aries.
  2. This update adds a solution for sites that use Windows hosting. Previously, the ephemeris would not work on sites using Windows hosting. If your website is running on a Windows operating system (i.e. using Windows hosting), then you’ll need to use the ZodiacPress Windows Server plugin to make the ephemeris work on your server. This is because the ephemeris included in Current Planetary Positions will not run on Windows, by default. Just install and activate the “ZodiacPress Windows Server” plugin, and it will automatically solve this problem. Note that ZP Windows Server only works with Current Planetary Positions version 2.0+, not with earlier versions of Current Planetary Positions.

In addition, the documentation and troubleshooting articles for the plugin have been updated. For an updated summary of new troubleshooting steps, see All Positions Are Stuck on Aries.


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