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JavaScript code snippets and quick JavaScript (js) tips for customizing your own website via this browser-side language.

Simple Show/Hide Toggle With Pure JavaScript

This is how to toggle showing and hiding an element with pure JavaScript. Here is a working example. In this example, the item that gets clicked to toggle has the class “click-to-toggle”. When this is clicked, the list underneath is will be shown. When the heading is clicked again, the list will be hidden. The … Read more →

Set Style Attribute For Multiple Elements of a Class With JavaScript

This is how to use the .setAttribute() JavaScript method to apply to multiple elements on a page. This uses pure JavaScript, no jQuery or other libraries. In this example, we are targeting all elements with the class “my-class”. This will add an inline style of “cursor:pointer” to all the elements with the “.my-class” class.

Toggle Show/Hide with jQuery

This is for when you need to toggle showing and hiding more than one element on a page. For example, a page full of headings in which you click a heading to show a list underneath it, then click again to hide the list. This uses jQuery. (See this instead for a pure JavaScript example.) … Read more →